Welcome to the Pack 152 and Troop 152 website


Cub Scout Vespers
tune of "O Tannenbaum")

As the night comes to this land
On my promise I will stand
I will help the pack to go
As our pack helps me to grow
I will always give goodwill
And follow my Akela still
And before I stop to rest
I will do my very best

Scout Vespers

Softly falls the light of day,
As our campfire fades away.
Silently each Scout should ask,
"Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor bright?
Can I guiltless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared,
Everything to Be Prepared?"




Pack contact:

Mike Yanacheak
email:  mikeyanacheak@yahoo.com
phone:  (515) 360-0084
Cubmaster Pack 152

Troop contact:

Tim York
phone:  (515)491-6922
Scoutmaster Troop 152

The Troop and Pack have decided to drop this website.  I hope that everyone that has visited here has enjoyed it and perhaps have found it useful.  Happy Trails